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Our Philosophy

Tvesa(Sanskrit) means intelligent, brilliant and glittering has been in existence since June 1997. We have helped various clients in a variety of industries and at various levels of organizational development. Our mission is to provide outstanding financial and management services while maintaining high service quality and ethical standards.

Tvesa Consultants is a rapidly growing professional services firm based in Mumbai (Bombay) metropolitan area, with presence in suburban Princeton and New York. We are a result of our founders' vision and desire to provide exceptional service and build long term relationships with all our customers, vendors and employees. Our goal is to contribute most to the success of our clients and provide growth opportunities for our people globally. Thus you may say we are in the value creation and confidence building business. For our clients, the firm helps create the value that allows them to move forward confidently in the "Knowledge" Economy. For our people, the firm's hands-off work environment helps create the confidence they need to acheive professional and personal fulfillment. Our goal is to provide our clients timely, quality and efficient services to their entire satisfaction.

Tvesa Consultants, services can be broadly classified into three categories:, Financial Advisory, Management Solutions and Compliance services. We offer customized services in information technology solutions, corporate finance, risk management, international trade and business process outsourcing (BPO), as well as traditional audit and tax services. Our firm's unique approach creates the innovative atmosphere that enables people to anticipate, define, and solve the business performance issues that drive today's dynamic markets and the markets of the future.

Rapidly evolving economy, is changing the rules of business,Tvesa Consultants is changing itself to address new business needs. In this economy, traditional approaches make way for new practices and procedures that redefine terms of measurement, rules of execution, valuation of assets and the parameters of transactions. Our highly skilled and motivated teams of information technology (IT) professionals continuously strive to improve client satisfaction, by focusing on improving efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, innovation and most importantly quality of our services.

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